Pugs Not Drugs

Dixie the Distemper Survivor

Yesterday, Dave granted me sleep until 7:30AM and snuggle/lounging time in bed with Finn while he performed the Dixie morning care regimen.  Our morning routine of Pug Snuggles and Tea have been suffering since Dixie came home.  Frankly, I think Finn has been a little bummed out about it and he’s missed his Only Dog time with Mama.  What he doesn’t understand is how all of the Dixie home care is paying off!

Dixie the Distemper Dog

Dixie is doing amazingly well.  She has really responded to the Azithromycin medication.  Her eyes are 100% clear now.  Nary a sneeze or a cough in days.  Fever, shmever!  Her temperature has been normal for over a week!  She’s perky and bouncy.  Every day I look at her and think to myself, “just keep going, Kid.  Screw Distemper!  You’re gonna be the poster dog for Distemper Recovery and Vaccination Awareness.”  In fact, she actually whined and yipped a bit from the Isolation Ward, yesterday.  Dave and I both said, “what was that?”  She has hardly barked, yipped, or made a peep since we’ve had her.  In response to my Daily Dixie Doodle Dog Report, our vet said, “I really think treating her at home and reducing all the stress of bouncing around has helped a lot!  I’m so glad she’s healing!  Finn must be jealous.”

So, in order to increase the peace around McGee Family Ranch, here’s an adorable Finn photo.

Finn the Pug


One thought on “Pugs Not Drugs

  1. He definitely is looking quite darling, that little Finn. I am glad. So glad to hear that Dixie Dog is doing marvelously. We just might have a new vocation for you, Erin, home health care doggie recovery ward grand pubba (hhcdrwgp for short or drp or even Dr Pubba-even better). Keep up the good work McGees.

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