Dixie, our miracle border collie/cattle dog

Dixie Lee, Our Miracle Dog

Dixie is our newest addition. After losing our Wonder Dog, Scout, in March we took our time getting Finn a new buddy.  I followed a certain rescue group online for 7+ months until the perfect dog came up.  Dixie is a 4 year old border collie/cattle dog mix.  She is a beautiful little clingy girl, great with Finn, ignores the cats, and loves us.  She came from the Tulare shelter via this rescue group.  She had been surrendered with her puppies and sat in the shelter for 3 weeks.  When we got her we were told she had a little kennel cough, but had had a round of antibiotics and that she had been dewormed.  We adopted her on September 7, 2014.

Within a few days she got really sick.  Pneumonia it seemed.  High fever, coughing, lots of nasal discharge, lethargic, etc.  We took her back and forth to the vet.  She would be good for a day and then she wasn’t.  Back and forth, back and forth, until the vet just decided to keep her there. He ran tests, did X-rays, kept her sequestered.  She lived there for 2 full weeks.  One test for Neospora, a very rare disease came back positive…she was on the right medication and seemed to have really improved, so we brought her home.

I had to go out of town for a few days and Dave took care of Dixie.  The day before I was to come home he called and said she was running a high fever again, so off to the vet she went.  The vet gave Dixie a fever reducer, but her fever never came down to normal.  I drove home in a panic and we were up almost all night.  The next morning we went back to the vet and he tested her for Distemper and made an appointment at SAGE in San Jose with a respiratory infection vet.  Distemper is a preventable disease as there is a vaccine, however, it came to light that the shelter and rescue group have had an outbreak of Distemper in some of their puppies…7 infected and 3 have been put down.  Rest in peace, little angels.

Dixie and I drove to SAGE in Campbell where she had a tracheal wash procedure to see what is growing in her lungs.  While waiting on those results, the news came back that she has Distemper.  If we can figure out how to treat the pneumonia and the gunk growing in her lungs AND she doesn’t develop neurological symptoms she could potentially live a semi-normal life, but she will always have Distemper so we will have monitor her.  If she shows any sign of neurological symptoms, we will have to put her down.

As of October 14th, she is back home living in our “isolation ward” and we are nursing her back to health. Look for Dixie Dog Updates on the blog.