Erin talking to a goat at the Mid-State Fair

Captured in a moment of pure bliss. I am at my best when I am with animals.

I am a country girl at heart.  If I had my way I would be raising horses, goats, sheep, or any stray animal that just happened to wander on to our property.  Dave says I am just 47 animals and a trailer away from living in the Mojave Desert as an animal hoarder.  I say I just have a thing for animals. It’s a woo woo thing that I can’t completely explain, but suffice to say that I am embracing it as we navigate this new way of living.  After moving to California’s Central Coast from Silicon Valley two years ago I finally am finding my footing. This blog documents our little family’s journey into country life, but you will also get yummy gluten free cooking recipes, city girl turned farm girl fashion tips, animal husbandry advice, and a peek into our life on the Ranch.