Our cat Gracie licking her nose

Gracie doesn’t care about you or your problems

Gracie Lu is not a very friendly girl.  If it were up to her she would be an only cat and live with Dave in a high tree somewhere out of harm’s way.  The shelter has a term for her demeanor called “4 on the floor”.  This means that if you so much as pet her for too long, try to pick her up, or look at her cross-eyed, she will slash you to ribbons.  It’s not that she’s not happy…she’s just wishes we would all go away so she could enjoy a life of solitude.  Maybe she’s a Buddhist Monk?

This is one of the few pictures we have of Gracie because she resides in her igloo in the laundry room and other than when I am doing laundry she doesn’t venture out.  She is very smart and we are convinced she is plotting world domination from her igloo.